I am reference friendly.

*Providers: Please scroll down for your part.


If you wish to use me as a reference, feel free to do so if we have met in the previous 12 months.

To help your future companion get a quick reply let her/him/they know my full name: Olivia Saint Laurent. Include a link to my website so that they know who I am: and/or my Twitter handle: @OliviaStLaurent and/or my email address:

It is good manners to let me know first that you will be sending my name as a reference. It also helps me speed up my reply to your future companion as I won't have to search into my encrypted files for your information. It might come as a surprise to you but I do not carry your information at my fingertips. This is to ensure of yours and my discretion. 

Have I forgot to mention that you should let your new companion, or myself, know how you contacted me first?

Phone? (include your phone number), email? (include your email address), letter sent by pigeon voyageur? (Send a cute photo of the pigeon). It seems quite obvious but I assure you that it saves all of us time. I DO NOT disclose personal information or in depth details of our rendez-vous. I'd appreciate this to be both ways.

May I just add that I am yet to meet a companion who complains about a lover well prepared. I personally find this extremely attractive!

Companions / Courtesans / Providers / Women of Leisure:

My email address is:

I will be more than happy to provide you with an accurate reference.

When contacting me for a reference make sure to include the lover(s) name(s). The way that they used to contact me. Email: Please include their email address. Phone: Please include their phone number. Also a link to your website and / or Twitter would be appreciated as this tells me that you are a genuine provider.

It might seem simple but I assure you that it will all save us a great amount of time! And if you would like your lover(s) to discover how to ask for reference, feel free to refer them back to this page of my website. 

Direct Link: 

After providing me with the needed information, I will be able to let you know if I would personally see that person again and my overall feeling about meeting that person. Your safety and mental well being are important. Always check your references! 

Stay safe and enjoy yourself,



While receiving gifts is never expected, it always makes me incredibly happy!


It is an amazing way to make me feel special, especially if you've chosen something off my wish list or have been inspired by an item from it. Spoil me by sending me an eGift Card from afar or by bringing with you a perfect little surprise when we meet.

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Olivia Saint Laurent