Olivia Saint Laurent


A few favorites:

- I absolutely adore Gins. 

- White wine: My preference is towards a dry white wine. 

Chablis, Sancerre, unoaked Chardonnay and Wines from Greece are probably my go-to. Otherwise, I quite enjoy Cava in the sparkling.

​-Red wine: A rich smooth red

Dom Pérignon



​Hero 7

Vitamix A3500i

Gifts time 



Dyson AirWrap

​To spoil my hair a little!


To drink

Picture Break

This part of my website is still under construction. Those of you who already know me knows how much I adore shoes among other things. A favorite of mine is Valentino or Hermes. My size is 38.5 for open shoes and 39 for closed shoes. 

Independent COMPANION montreal

My Wishlist is separated in different sections depending on what gift you would like to offer me.

Gifts are never expected but it always makes me incredibly happy to receive them!

I included a few options that you can purchase to bring to our rendez-vous or a selection of eGiftCards for an instant gift.

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You can send the eGift Cards to my email address: olistlaurent@protonmail.com

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I've also included a few extra photos unseen on my website at this stage to keep this search interesting.

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Olivia Saint Laurent