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Valentino RockStud

Medium Leather

​Shoulder bag


Yoga Mat Bag

A few favourites:

- Other than wine, I am quite a lover of Gins. Introduce me to your favourite one, let me introduce you to one of my favourite one or let's discover something together!  

- White wine: My preference is towards a dry white wine.

Chablis, Sancerre, unoaked Chardonnay and a dry Riesling are  my go-to.

- Rosé: As the saying goes: "Rosé all day"! (but please don't serve me Rosé for breakfast. Coffee will do!!)

​-Red wine: A rich smooth red


Sparkling water is great

Genmaicha is my favourite tea

I am hesitant to pick between Melbourne & Auckland for the best coffee. ;)

-Something on the side:

Fresh oysters & Seafood and/or a Fruit platter & Cheese are always welcomed.

Dom Pérignon


iPad Pro - Apple

Cooper St Dress

​Size: 8

Sweating with style

Lululemon Tied Up Top

Size: 6

Valentine's Day Kindness

Fujifilm Instax

Portable printer from smartphones.

Charles Heidsieck Vintage



My Wishlist is separated in different sections depending on what gift you would like to offer me.

Gifts are never expected but it always makes me incredibly happy to receive them!

I included a few options that you can purchase to bring to our rendez-vous or a selection of eGiftCards for an instant gift.

​Simply click on the images to access the purchasing page of the chosen present(s).

You can send the eGift Cards to my email address:

Please mention your name & email address so that I can thank you properly!

I've also included a few extra photos unseen on my website at this stage to keep this search interesting.

Thank you so much!


Olivia Saint Laurent



Size: 6

Lululemon Yoga pants

​High Rise

Size: 4

Send it directly to me as a surprise or bring it with you when we meet.


P.O. BOX 532

Port Melbourne (VIC)

​3207, Australia


* Simply click on the image to be redirected on the website for purchase.


To drink

Picture Break

Womanizer Liberty

Watermelon Romper

​Size: 8

LoungeWear Nicola Set

Bra: 34B

Thong & Belt size: Medium

Bose Sleepbuds

Edge O' Beyond

Nadine Bikini

Top & Bottom Size: Small

Gifts time 

Valentino RockStud

​Lacquer Sandal

Size: 38

Olivia Saint Laurent

LoungeWear Layla set

Bra: 34B

​Thong & Belt size: Medium



The drink of choice. My preference for Champagne & Wines are towards dry wines. I must say that I particularly enjoy the bubbles in the Dom Pérignon 2004. 

Samsung​ Galaxy 


This part of my website is still under construction. Those of you who already know me knows how much I adore getting pampered. Sending me a Prezzee eGift Card will let me pick from a variety of Spas. Let me know it's from you in a quick message to receive exclusive images of my day.