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Olivia Saint Laurent

Current availabilities


- Melbourne 
16th Feb - 1st June (maybe longer)

​*Touring in between
13th Feb - 15th Feb

You have now decided that it would be amazing if  we get to share a few days or a few hours together! My favorite way of contact is through my Contact Form which you will find below. I do not meet an endless seems of people, therefore, priority will be giving to longer arrangements. 

A deposit of 20% is required in order to secure a date & time with me.

Keep in mind, when you inquire to organize a rendez-vous, that I do not hold the date & time until a deposit has been made & confirmed.


​*Rendez-vous happening outside my available hours incur a $100 surcharge. 

Weekday            From               Until


Monday                     18:00                   20:00

Tuesday                     18:00                   20:00

Wednesday               9:00                   20:00

Thursday                   9:00                  20:00

 Friday                       9:00                  20:00

Saturday                   10:00                  21:00

Sunday                     10:00                  21:00


But first


I do tend to prefer longer engagements. Starting with a Dinner Date or an Overnight can be a great way to discover ourselves as it gives us the chance to unwind and spoil ourselves with our company & delicacies. That said, I do not mind having an appetizer of each other, as this will only leave us craving more of one another. 

If we are travelling together or you are wishing to fly me to you, all flights & expenses related to the travels are to be prepaid upfront. I fly Business or First Class to ensure to be relaxed once meeting you. Be mindful that our rendez-vous should be, at least, as long as the time of my travels.


​Olivia Saint Laurent

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