Olivia Saint Laurent

Current availabilities:


- Melbourne

16th Feb - 1st June (maybe longer)

*Touring in between these dates.

- Sydney 

13th Feb - 15th Feb


About Olivia Saint Laurent

Who Am I

‚ÄčJe m'appelle Olivia Saint Laurent, a 28 years old luxury internationale escort currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

Equipped with a positive mind and a Can-do attitude has led me to achieve many of my passions in life. Over the years, I had the chance to travel and live in different parts of the world and I must say that my desire for new escapades just keep getting stronger. There's nothing more exciting than knowing that there is always a new adventure waiting to happen, especially if it's on the arm of an endearing gentleman!

My interests are spread across a variety of topics. Leading a busy lifestyle, I also have a thirst to learn, hereby my full time studies.

I am quite easy going, down to earth and have a warm personality. I've been told quite often that I've got a contagious laugh. I am a good listener and take discretion very seriously. This reflects in my decision to not wear any perfume nor coloured lipstick. Nothing that will be said/happen between us will be shared. I'd appreciate the same both ways. If you wish to write a review about me, please leave the personal details securely locked in your most precious memories. 

I love Champagne, fresh seafood, piano, getting massages, suits, running, shopping and anything that makes me laugh, just to name a few things. 

If you think that we'd be a good match, do not hesitate to contact me and we can tailor our own adventure!

I can't wait to hear from you, 


Olivia Saint Laurent

Independent COMPANION mElbourne

I am Reference Friendly.

Condition for using me as a reference:

That we have met in the past 12 months.