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Olivia Saint Laurent

​Catch me if you can!

While I find myself travelling quite often, my background is from a beautiful country called Canada. 

If we have met in the past and you would like to meet me again, please know that I am still this bubbly, compassionate and down to earth woman. And, most likely, do not underestimate how happy it will make me to hear back from you! 

If we haven't met yet but my writing skills caught your attention and you would like to know more about this intriguing woman that you see in the pictures, go on my Contact page and keep reading to know exactly how to successfully contact your next favourite thing in life. Me! ;)

I am well spoken in both French and English and I've got a thirst for learning. I am currently enrolled in Full Time studies and I am also taking a few golf classes. Would you like to learn more about me or, perhaps, you secretly wish to have a kind hearted woman by your side? I invite you to keep exploring my website to find the answers to your questions and, who knows, if you've enjoyed my plaisanteries maybe we'll have a chance to meet in a near endearing future! 

Olivia Saint Laurent